Our Process

Initial Estimate:

Once we have met with the client and have determined that the project is a good fit for us and all parties involved, we begin putting together our free initial estimate over the course of a day or two based on historical data. This is adjusted for labor and material cost changes and typically falls within 10-15% of what the ending project cost will be, assuming no major change orders. 

Detailed Planning:

For larger projects including remodels, additions, or new homes, our next step is to lay out a very detailed plan. We sort through each key step of the project from beginning to end, creating the schedule, intricacies of each stage, creating detailed drawings, ironing out items the architect may have overlooked, and searching for current material prices. 

From there we are able to hand the homeowner a booklet that contains almost every aspect of the project that they would want to know. This allows the homeowner to start going through and hunting down details before we even begin breaking ground. At this stage, we are able to begin securing the most skilled and quality-focused subcontractors available. 

Construction & Ongoing Planning: 

The fun begins, we break ground and put down concrete and start the process which is pretty straightforward. As we are building and purchasing materials we emphasize value engineering wherever possible to see where money can be saved for the homeowner without having negative impacts on quality. For ongoing scheduling of the project, we provide an updated three-week outlook that is updated each week. We recognize the importance of scheduling for our clients and make it a priority to keep the project moving forward on time.